Exhibitions & Trade Fair

Since the past 5 years we have been appointed as the official freight forwarders at India's largest leather exhibition. We are involved in the total movement - from packing and custom clearing the consignment at the point of origin to transporting it to the destination and necessary customs clearance at the destination, unpacking it and displaying it at the exhibition.

We also handle shipments for several other exhibitions in the country.It is a matter of great pride and significance for the Delhi branch for having participated in making arrangements for transportation and clearance of the goods of foreign countries pavilions in various exhibitions and trade fairs held at Delhi. Starting with the Industrial Fair, 1955; International Agricultural Fair, 1960; Asia '72 and other fairs including private exhibitions like British Aerospace exhibition, British Scientific Equipment Exhibition, etc.-- Our Delhi Branch can boast of its accomplishments in transporting and clearing exhibition goods for foreign exhibitions, participating in such major fairs as Industrial Fair 1955, International Agricultural Fair 1960, Asia' 72, the British Aerospace Exhibition, to name a few. In a way, it has also entered the film industry, by offering assistance in the import and export of film equipment for notable movies like "Queenie" and "Mountbatten - The Last Viceroy".