We also offer packaging services of commercial goods warehousing facility at our office, we promise to full fill every requirement of our customers from safe keeping of the goods to a smooth trans shipment in better conditions to any place of India. Each and every possible care is taken of the materials during the entire process of packaging. It is done with good quality of materials like plastic coatings, wooden pallets and thermocol packs for materials that are brittle.

Improved quality of materials from nylon covers, plastic poly bags, shipping boxes, carton sealing tapes, bubble wrap for storage, good quality woods for heavy materials are used for the purpose of packaging the goods ready for transportation.

Every possible attention is given towards loading and unloading of the materials at the destination of reach. At an affordable charge, our organisation takes full care of delays on the motion while the goods are on the way and see to it that each and every consignment reaches its desired destination well on time. Materials are handled carefully during unpacking by a well qualified staff, highly dedicated to their profession. The staff are professionals in their respective fields and gives no space for complain from the clients point of view.